A riveting testament to the strength of love and the power of the soul after we leave this Earth, Jim’s Flight is the remarkable story of love, and life, after death. For those who experience grief at any age, this story reassures us that even after death, our souls continue to grow, love, and communicate. (Doubters welcomed.) 
“This book offers encouragement for anyone who has ever loved and lost…or pondered the idea of something beyond ordinary existence. It is the story of a love that escapes the bounds of time and space and endures beyond the limits of both. Their [Chris and Jim’s] fascinating story is a vision of hope for us all.”
- Susan Hynds, Ph.D.
“If the purpose of our life’s journey is to answer the age-old questions of ‘Who are we?’, ‘Why are we here?’ and ‘Where are we going after we die?’ then this book may provide such insight. This work could potentially be one of the premier books of that genre. It is an absolute must for anyone on that spiritual quest.”
- Rick DePalma, Retired Pilot
“With the help of a gifted spiritual communicator, Chris Petosa breaks through the veil imposed by the physical world where death is the end and enters into the metaphysical realm of the soul where death is just a new beginning. The reader discovers that even after death, the soul learns, heals, loves, finds redemption and reconciliation, but most of all grows. This book is a must read for anyone bereaving and looking for something more than just the traditional formulaic solutions to dealing with grief and loss.”
- Susan L. Scharoun, Ph.D.


ChrisPetosaChristine Frank Petosa was married to James Petosa for nearly 18 years. When they met, Chris was a school teacher in a small district outside of Syracuse, NY. Chris, now retired, taught children for 33 years; five years in an elementary education classroom and 28 years in middle school special education. Christine received her B.S. in Elementary Education from St. Bonaventure University.



ElizabethWilliamsElizabeth Williams was born with the gift of mediumship, a family trait handed down for generations. Since early childhood, Elizabeth set high aspirations to help as many people as possible heal from grief and loss. Perhaps her greatest gift and what she is distinctly known for is bringing thousands of people back into rapport with those they love and miss, including Christine and Jim Petosa.



Christine Frank Petosa

Elizabeth Williams

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