About Christine Frank Petosa

Christine Frank Petosa was married to James Petosa for nearly 18 years. When they met, Chris was a school teacher in a small district outside of Syracuse, NY. Chris, now retired, taught children for 33 years; five years in an elementary education classroom and 28 years in middle school special education. Christine received her B.S. in Elementary Education from St. Bonaventure University and her M.S.in Special Education from The College of St. Rose.

Although Christine finds nothing more exciting than traveling and learning about new places, she’s perfectly content sitting on a beach and diving into a great read or staying close to home and spending time with her large, extended family. Her two cats, Ms. Crump and Thelma Lou, and her dog Sunny, keep her company at home where she enjoys gardening but self-admits that her flower display doesn’t always reflect her genuine love for nature.

Christine has always had a strong interest and fascination with divine studies and the mystical aspects of religion. She believes in the power of the spoken word and clearly states that she was divinely inspired to write Jim’s Flight. Her true intent is to share their story, holding fast to her inner knowing that this book will contribute to the well-being of others.

You can connect with Chris at cpetosa903@gmail.com.  

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About Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams was born with the gift of mediumship, a family trait handed down for generations. Since early childhood, Elizabeth set high aspirations to help as many people as possible heal from grief and loss. Perhaps her greatest gift and what she is distinctly known for is bringing thousands of people back into rapport with those they love and miss, including Christine and Jim Petosa.

Through natural ability and over 20 years experience with various healing modalities, she is a skilled practitioner. She has a successful, long-standing practice in the Syracuse, NY area where she works with clients either in-person or via phone, integrating her innate spiritual and intuitive skills to empower self-healing in the lives of others. Elizabeth has worked with over 6200 clients from the United States to India.

Elizabeth has been trained as a professional nurse with over 20 years experience in both clinical and complementary therapies. She has 16 years of extensive training and experience in both traditional psychological therapies as well as the healing arts, including Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Hyponotherapy, Reiki, and Healing Touch. Elizabeth was also ordained into the Spiritualist Ministry with certifications by the Church of Infinite Light.

To contact Elizabeth, please visit The Center of Truth and Light at elizabethwilliamsonline.com

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*Please note: Elizabeth continues to do readings both at her office in Syracuse and by phone! Contact her today to schedule your appointment.

About Christine and Elizabeth’s Partnership

Christine and Elizabeth ‘s partnership first came about on February 1, 2010 when Christine’s fascination and Elizabeth’s schedule allowed for the perfect union to be formed. It was on that day at three in the afternoon that their two paths collided and an amazing first-time connection occurred. When Jim Petosa had chronic complaints of disruptive digestion, a red flag went up and a persistent wife and active caregiver emphatically insisted that Jim seek professional help and care. Little did either know despite Elizabeth’s and Christine’s intuition that an incredible partnership would lead to unbelievable healing for all involved as both understood their mission together was and is equally as important as their own separate journeys. Together an outstanding realization took place. They were both destined to share this miraculous story of Jim’s life, death and rebirth into the Heavenly worlds. It is their great hope that this true life account will be used in some way to serve humanity.