About Jim’s Flight: One Soul’s Perspective from Heaven and the letters below


What you’ll find below are three letters written by the characters for you, the reader, to introduce Jim’s Flight. What’s special about these letters is one of the reasons why this book is so special: the reflections from both Jim and Chris’s mother, Wanda, come directly from them through Elizabeth. Elizabeth never met Wanda and knew very little of Jim’s and Chris’s personal lives. As Christine says, “With the information and intimate details shared, no matter how big or small, it was evident during sessions that it was Jim and my mom speaking. Perhaps even more impressive were the mannerisms and demeanor of Elizabeth that occurred without her even remembering what had taken place. It was obvious that the mannerisms and demeanor were not just similar to the souls we were talking with; they were them.”

The narratives from the beyond were either channeled or done through automatic writing and were done in such a way that brings a sense of healing and peace to those who read them. It’s not just the content of the narratives that’s important; it’s that we as receivers learn that there is life, active life, which continues after we depart from our physical bodies. Hearing the Divine speak with us is a great event, and the realization that life does continue, not just for those who pass but for us as well, is extremely reassuring.

These reflections and narratives did not come from Christine or Elizabeth, but directly from Jim and Wanda. The narratives serve as a means to describe the infinite possibilities of every soul. The same peace that our loved ones experience in the Heaven worlds can be achieved while still in the physical body here on Earth. Although it may not be on the agenda in the lives of many to read this book, the growth of the soul is inevitable. Enlightenment is not as far away as we may think or believe. It is attainable while we remain physical. We are led by our hearts to live and to flourish regardless of our physicality.

A Message of Love from the Author:

My husband, Jim, was so much fun to be with! He was serious about his responsibilities and “appropriate” when necessary but his goofiness, silliness and mischievous ways were my favorite part of our relationship. His dirty jokes and innuendos and his foul language were always done in good humor, never meant to intentionally hurt himself or anyone else. Anyone who knew Jim knew that.

From early childhood, I was encouraged by my parents, teachers and friends to contribute to the world with the written word as my tool. From adolescence into adulthood and beyond, writing and reading held powerful meaning for me.

It is my hope, my greatest joy and my passion to share with you, the reader, the story, the life, the love and the meaning of the honor of being chosen as an instrument to share with others. This book shows evidence of true love in the physical as well as a deepening and a strengthening of that love through living life hand in hand. It also gives a caregiver’s perspective when hardship struck our lives.

This book that began as mine became ours as the story unfolded in the physical world, continued on through the transition from physical to the afterlife and the phenomenal expedition of the soul through the Heaven worlds.

It is my hope that you will take something from the words you read that will hold your heart, open your mind, captivate your soul and urge you to learn, to grow and to experience life. No matter what pain or ups and the downs come in life, one truth remains: that love transcends throughout time and space and two souls merge together in life through tribulations, transcendence and eternity.

It is my sincere wish that you will receive at least a fragment of what truly happens to the soul after physical death and that you not fear death, rather you understand and embrace it. It is my great honor to share our story with you. It is and always will be of the purest intention that the words of our story will move, touch and inspire anyone and everyone who reads it.

Please do…

Christine Signature 2

– Christine Frank Petosa

Jim Flight PictureFrom Jim:

When Chris asked for us to write a book from the viewpoint of patient and caregiver based on the story of the difficult situation in our lives…diagnosis, treatment and what seemed like a cure at the time…I told her yes, although it held little interest for me.

When I met Chris, she radiated love in numerous ways. This was my favorite quality of her. As we grew together, lived our lives and shared with so many, she was always there with a smile, a laugh and a general enthusiasm to help others.

Let the words of our book help to refresh you and invoke a desire to learn to love, to learn to truly know love in human form.

Through time and space, my soul wants to speak of the true inspiration of what really happens when we transition from physical to non-physical, from life to death to resurrection into the life to come. The words I share with you help to describe as vividly as possible what I first viewed as an intellectual process but then became my soul’s journey through love, time and space.

We hope you enjoy reading our story as much as Chris and I enjoyed living it, feeling it, experiencing it and then sharing it with all of you. Through these pages, come explore our love, our life and our eternity together. We promise you that in every heartfelt word you’ll find a valuable lesson that can be applied to your own everyday life and soul’s progression.

Thank you for sharing in our plight of dealing with cancer in order for us to be of service to humanity.

Jim's Signature

– Captain Jim Petosa

From Wanda:

When my son-in-law became ill, hiding my fear as well as my sadness from my daughter and from him was no easy task, as you can imagine. When his illness worsened and became terminal, my own sadness and despair was nothing compared to the pain my daughter and Jim endured.

From the moment I saw them both together, I knew they were connected through something deeper than themselves. I understand it now as a soul connection, yet at the time it was visible to so many and indescribable to most. Seeing them interact with one another was astonishing. Their love for one another was as obvious as the nose on your face.

After the long ordeal for Jim struggling with cancer and then his death, I had no idea I, too, would play a role as someone who would share in this project of life after death. Upon my own passing through life, living, loving and loss, my family remained the center post of my existence. When asked to share my account of dying and entering into the world beyond the physical, I was astounded, honored and blessed.

In the pages of this book, I find a great treasure in sharing with you, the reader, my experience of death and eternal life. Nothing compares to the experience itself. Not one iota of physical joy can even be explained when the soul experiences something as magnificent, extraordinary and divine as death.                                                                                                                                                                       
Please join us all and discover that we, as human beings, know only a fraction of what exists in the Heaven worlds. Meaning God. Being drawn to the light was without a doubt the most miraculous event of my soul’s journey. What an honor, privilege and joy it has been and continues to be to share with all of you…

Wanda's Signature

– Wanda Frank