Book Club Topic Ideas and Questions

The following questions are merely suggestions from “above.” There are no right or wrong answers. We simply hope you enjoy a lively discussion about Jim’s Flight. 

Remember that those in the Heaven worlds have a great sense of humor so laughter, fun and levity is welcomed, expected and enjoyed by them.

  1. Prior to reading Jim’s Flight, what were your thoughts, ideas and beliefs of Heaven?
  • Were you taught those beliefs and if so, from whom or where?
  • Did reading the book offer you a new perspective?
  • If you have a new perspective, can you give examples?
  1. After reading about Jim’s journey, what has changed in your life? Give examples if you have any.
  1. Did you know Jim and Chris in real life?
  • Did you notice a change in Jim while reading the book?
  • Do you notice a change in Chris as a result of writing it?
  • If you noticed changes, have the changes impacted your life?
  1. What are your thoughts and feelings about being a caregiver for someone who is dying?
  1. Jim was and Chris is Catholic.
  • If you are unfamiliar with saints and the Catholic religion, could you still relate to the book?
  • If you are familiar with that, how would you help people who are not Catholic understand the saints and angels and the purpose behind them?
  1. What was your perception about a medium before reading Jim’s Flight?
  1. Chris talks about friends worrying about her using a medium for her healing. How do you feel about that?
  1. After reading Jim’s Flight, if you were to suffer the loss of a loved one, would you consider having a session with Elizabeth or another medium as part of your healing process?
  • Why or why not?
  1. What concepts did you find most useful or helpful to you after reading Jim’s Flight?
  1. Jim and Wanda both express their passing as being beautiful. Did reading the book change your opinion about your own death or that of a loved one?
  1. Did reading Jim’s Flight propose even more questions of Heaven that are unanswered for you now? Would you be willing to share those questions with the group?
  1. What part of Jim’s Flight did you enjoy reading the most? Why?
  1. Was there anything that you didn’t find pertinent, interesting, or just plain not believable about Jim’s experience in the Heaven worlds?
  1. What do you wish the book spoke more about?
  • e.g.: reincarnation, hell, the dying process, the transcending process, etc.
  1. What would be one or two words that you would use to sum up your experience of reading Jim’s Flight?
  1. Now that you have read some or all of the book, do you believe our loved ones do truly remain with us, watch over us, help us, love us and show signs that they’re around us? Elaborate if you wish.
  1. In the book, Chris is able to receive signs from Jim and others.
  • Have you received signs from loved ones who have died?
  • How do you know?
  1. How did it come about that you read Jim’s Flight?


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