Endorsements for Jim’s Flight: One Soul’s Perspective from Heaven

One Amazon reader writes, “Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult facets of life especially when it is unexpected…For anyone who is a caretaker, has experienced the loss of their soulmate, knows someone who is battling cancer, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or just simply wishes to understand the value of life, this would be a fantastic tool for them to utilize…” To read the complete review and several others, please visit  Jim’s Flight on Amazon, now available in paperback and Kindle.

Jim’s final days and the courage, understanding and ultimate acceptance that he and Chris experienced is in itself a compelling story. Chris and Elizabeth have now taken this to another level. After reading the initial draft of their work I am truly amazed at the insight and clarity that defines their spiritual discoveries and beliefs. I feel as illuminated as when I first developed an interest in the afterlife as a teenager while reading The Sleeping Prophet by Edgar Cayce.

If the purpose of our life’s journey is to answer the age old questions of “who are we; why are we here; and where are we going after we die?”, then this book may provide that insight. This work by Chris and Elizabeth could potentially be one of the premier books of that genre. It is an absolute must for anyone on that spiritual quest.

Rick DePalma, Retired Pilot
Grief from the loss of a loved one follows no timeline, nor is there only one way to get through it. Chris Petosa’s book, One Soul’s Perspective from Heaven, takes the reader on a journey that touches upon all the elements of a full and meaningful life: love and loss, grief and faith, despair and hope, fear and courage and, in the end, death and healing. With the help of a gifted spiritual communicator, Elizabeth Williams, Chris breaks through the veil imposed by the physical world where death is the end, and enters into the metaphysical realm of the soul where death is just a new beginning.

The reader discovers that even after death the soul learns, heals, loves, finds redemption and reconciliation, but most of all grows. This book is a must read for anyone bereaving and looking for something more than just the traditional formulaic solutions to dealing with grief and loss.

Susan L. Scharoun, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Le Moyne College, Syracuse, New York
Captivating! Engrossing! Are you afraid to ‘die’? Missing a loved one? Curious about where they are? What they do, if anything? Chris and Jim Petosa bravely open their hearts with the help of gifted Spiritual Communicator, Medium and Grief Counselor Elizabeth Williams. Jim, communicating from another realm, and his wife share their grief, concern for family members and how they learn to live and grow without the other. We are witness to the remarkable transformation that can and does occur when we leave our bodies…or better yet, right now if we choose! Let the wisdom of Jim’sreflections re-awaken your soul to Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.
Mary Lia, Special Education Aide, Chiropractor, Author of Between Two Worlds
Anyone going through loss can find comfort in this book. Chris shares her personal story to reassure others that our loved ones never leave us, and the story offers a glimpse into a soul’s journey on the other side.
Jessica Mazurowski, Journalist
Captivating! Fascinating! A brilliant mix of a love story with the absolute reassurance of what life is like after death. Chris and Jim shared an Earthly love so deep and unique; one all so desperately want, yet so few are able to find. This memoir takes the reader on a rollercoaster from the highest of highs in hope of a miracle for Jim’s recovery down to the very lowest of lows as Jim faces death. Chris writes with such raw emotion; making the reader feel as if every moment is one’s own experience. Guaranteed to take away any doubt that one may have about life after death or that true love is everlasting, Chris and Jim’s story makes it impossible to put down until the very end.
Jill Weston, Special Education Teacher and Literacy Coach