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Laura Ponticello

With a mission to tell the transformational stories and serve as a conduit to amplify the stories with messages of hope and inspiration, Laura Ponticello is a literary agent, book marketing consultant and publisher of Divine Phoenix Books,

Dear Friends, Readers and Those of Us Yearning for a World of Peace,

When Chris Petosa approached me with such passionate conviction about Jim’s Flight to the Afterlife and the steps leading up to this transition, I was completely captivated. Something spoke to me at such a cellular soul level because I knew with certainty that this story has the power to change lives and spark Global conversation. Then I heard from Elizabeth Williams why she’s involved in the Project and I felt the authenticity. Therefore, I agreed to become their literary agent and book marketing consultant.

This story has limitless potential. Like a seedling that is planted, this story has the power to grow, blossom and serve as a living embodiment of beauty and hope for the world to witness. It’s ability to transcend religious, economic or social differences is profound – because God is in all of us and in each and every part of the world. This story has infinite possibilities.

We need this story now. The world has been waiting for this story. So many of us long for happiness and Heaven on Earth, that as conscious beings we are speaking for acknowledgement and the belief in something bigger than ourselves. This story epitomizes that Heaven exists! Also life lessons exist and so much knowledge is shared to comfort anyone who has lost a loved one or is searching for affirmation that Heaven is Real.

Peace and Blessings,

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– Laura Ponticello

Five reasons Jim’s Flight should be on your nightstand:

1. The message brings comfort to anyone who has lost a loved one.

2. You will learn, transform and grow.

3. Thought provoking self reflection will be prompted.

4. For caregivers, you are not alone. This book will aid and help you.

5. A LIVING embodiment that Heaven exists in the pages of this book.