Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today we are flying the chilly November skies in search of the many who took our previous flight seriously by looking deeply within and asking themselves, “How can I help?”

As you stow your belongings, greet your neighbor and fasten your seatbelts. Look at them intently and ask yourself, “If this person needed help, how would I help them? What can I do that doesn’t take all I have and all that I am and drain all my life force? In other words, what can I do and what am I able to do for this person next to me?”

So often it is our genuine nature to help whoever is in need quickly without first pondering. Ask yourself, “If this person needs help, what can I offer and still maintain balance for both of us? What is needed for this situation right now?”

Although we’ve touched on these questions many times before, it’s time to put the lessons together. All those who have flown with us before have been asked time and again, “How do I contribute? How do I feel about contributing? How do I value myself, my own balance, my own life with peace, contentment and love? How do I extend this self-love to all parties involved and offer what I CAN?”

You see, ladies and gentlemen, to get the “right” answer we should first be sure we have asked the right questions of ourselves. How does the love, patience and goodness I give myself extend out to people I love, people in my group of family and friends, people in my community…..all people that I have contact with?

Suddenly you’ll realize the chain of events that happens when you ask these questions.

Ask these questions, not all at once, but throughout the day and night. Only after you find your own peace within can you answer these questions and respond accordingly.

How do I help? With prayers? With time? By listening with patience? Loaning some money? Offering a gift? Offering a donation? Advice? A smile or a nod? How do I contribute to the good of the whole?

Remember that we’ve often talked about accepting what is given to us. During our flight next week we’ll have a lot more to say about that. Keep it in mind.

During our last flight we talked about looking within, knowing the self and preparing for a different kind of holiday season. This year more than any year you’ve experienced, giving of yourself will be far more important than giving an actual gift or object. The political upheavals, the changing of laws and policies, the friction between nations, feeding the poor and hungry, and all else there is to be concerned about……what can I do to help?

As we come in for a rough landing, even if you sat in silence and listened, nodded off or conversed with your neighbor, offer them words of good luck, good wishes and a reminder to extend a hand of goodness this holiday season.

Thank you for this very short flight to a long journey within and your return flight outward to the world,

Captain Jim Petosa