Testimonies to the Work of Renowned Medium, Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams Testimonies Image
Elizabeth Williams, a renowned medium with over 6200 clients from around the world, is well-respected for her unique ability to communicate with Angels, often our departed loved ones, to not only help ease the pain of grief of loss but also to awaken a greater understanding of the soul and life everlasting.

Elizabeth Williams and I met several years ago and I subsequently had a reading with her. My son, David, had passed away as a teenager and his loss raised many spiritual questions for me. Not only did my son communicate with me through Elizabeth but several other loved ones did as well. We were actually able to exchange information as if we were sitting across from one another.  Elizabeth has an amazing capacity for love and truth. Her ability to connect with those who have passed on is extraordinary. She provides an atmosphere of calm, relaxation and trust that helps the client receive the most benefit from the reading.

– Joan A. Hough, BA in Psychology, Columbia College

I first met Elizabeth Williams at a group reading. I have to admit I didn’t really know what to expect but was open minded. I had never been to a medium before. For me as a Catholic, I do believe in heaven and afterlife. I also realize that contacting the people who have passed this life could be precarious. However, right from the start, Elizabeth clearly opens with prayer to God and our Blessed Mother and that only positive and light be surrounding us. I immediately felt comforted.

As the reading got underway, and in no particular order, Elizabeth was able to accurately communicate with souls in people’s lives in our room! It was amazingly beautiful to witness people’s reaction and emotion to truths that Elizabeth would in no way have known. In fact, Elizabeth didn’t know many people beforehand.

To be honest, I had hoped that my parents would come into the reading but they did not. What I didn’t expect was the following. All of a sudden it was clear that Elizabeth was seeing a person from my past and in fact she told me that this person was standing right over my right shoulder. The person who had passed came into the reading for me to give a message to her own mother, who Elizabeth called out by name. Elizabeth then went on to state that, in fact, there had been a tragedy of sorts that resulted in death. The message was a message of hope and comfort. She wanted me to tell her mother that she was happy in heaven, that she was with her father, and that she would see her again. She also wanted me to tell her to not be angry at the person who was responsible for taking her life and that her anger is holding her back.

This was a riveting experience for me that I will never forget. Elizabeth Williams is a gifted woman, whose work truly brings peace and comfort to those who seek her.

-Nancy Nolan

My beloved brother died in January 2013. His loss was devastating because we were very close.

“Readings” were not part of my thoughts or vocabulary until I met Elizabeth Williams a year or so later. I chose to have a reading and my experience dismissed any skepticism I had.

It was amazing…..information only I knew poured through Elizabeth. My brother, late niece and other close family members were also channeled through Elizabeth during the same reading.

I went into the reading with questionable expectations and came out a “believer.” Elizabeth Williams is “the real deal.”

-Rose Fiorenza