Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard. It sure seems like a long time since we’ve traveled with one another. Please find your seats, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a flight across the Heavenly blue skies.

So……it’s here. Winter in central New York. At least it’s winter for the flight crew on land that is in central NY. There are a lot of ways to describe winter. Long, dreary, freezing, miserable, lousy, treacherous and never-ending.  Usually by this time in CNY we have been done with winter, at least in our minds, since Dec 1st. It’s only a few more weeks until spring, ladies and gentlemen.

The idea of never-ending is something I want to talk to you about. We’ll forget the last comments of lousy, treacherous and so on and include joyful, loving, exciting, carefree and happy. What I’m describing is ETERNAL life.

Eternal life truly does exist and I’m living proof (pun intended). As I’m sure you’re all aware, it’s only the body that stops, not the life of the soul. The life of the soul is endless and that may be difficult to fathom when using human consciousness to describe it. Albert Einstein and many of the great scientists, physicists and the like have tried many times to come up with a formula to describe never-ending life.

You might ask yourself, after all this time why bring this up now after you’ve been out of your body for so very long. Because it’s winter, the perfect time to think about the soul’s journey.

Human beings have tasks and checklists, perform functions, have daily activities and some kind of reasonable order to their lives. Even if basic everyday survival is part of your life, human beings will typically do whatever it takes to remain in the physical body.

If you look at the soul’s journey in one way, the physical body actually kicks the soul out. The soul gladly leaves and the body, like most physical things, begins to waste away to only dust. Or we can also say that the soul lets go of the physical body so that its light vibration continues on the journey to seek God. Either way is true.

Why this conversation? Because most people over the long winter months either embrace winter, enjoy its beauty and the activities all throughout the winter months or lock themselves in and try to ignore the cold, lack of sunlight and shorter days. Many people set goals and resolutions and contemplate what they want to change, fix or create in the year ahead. The soul doesn’t thrive on these human tasks. The soul only wants to return to God. How a soul consciously reunites with God depends on the physical body it’s in and its activities.

Winter, no matter how it’s viewed as a human, is actually resting time, quiet time that entails deliberate stillness, reflection and deep thought that influences the soul’s continuation. The soul will continue no matter the circumstances, yet the growth of the soul largely depends on the growth of the human being.

By now you’ve probably asked yourself, “Why does he keep going on and on about this?” Perhaps if you put it in the context of human beings, you’ll realize that winter is part of a deep cycle of the soul, time for rest, contemplation, stillness and feeling oneness with all things. It isn’t until spring that the soul begins to renew itself and continue on the journey to consciously be one with God.

Use the winter months for contemplation. How does your soul consciously seek God while in your physical body? Does your soul speak to you, urging you to ponder the great mysteries of life everlasting or has it become stagnant, frozen, chilled and forgotten? Whatever the answer is, purposely use the winter months to consider these questions. When taking a flight, journey inward and allow the soul to speak to you, guiding your way to find truth in the existence of our greater God.

Share with others the wisdom that you find. Share with others the true power of your soul. Use the time wisely to contemplate these questions and absorb wisdom with your answers. As life renews in the spring, so too does the growth of the soul. Winter time, in accordance with the soul, is a time for stillness, actualization and preparation for spring to occur.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we come in for a smooth landing, continue to be aware of your relationship with your soul and the soul’s relationship to eternal life and God.

I wanted to bring this deep message of your soul and its journey to you today with the idea of helping you sustain your mood through the winter. Enjoy the journey.

Captain Jim Petosa